Can you keep a secret?

One of my favourite books by Sophie Kinsella. This was the first book that I read of hers and it prompted me to read the rest.

Emma CorrImageigan is a bit drunk because she is on her way back home from a failed marketing meeting where she represented Panther Cola. With her career going from bad to worse, she drinks a bit and boards the plane. Bad weather and really bad turbulence sends her over the edge and she finds herself reeling off all her secrets to the person seated next to her.

Well they are not earth-shattering, world altering secrets. These are small secrets that everyone of us have in our life. For example, lying about your size to your boyfriend, about losing your virginity while the parents were watching Ben Hur, about not finding that elusive G-spot despite….

Well you know what I mean here. She rattles them off thinking that she would never meet the good looking stranger seated next to her. But trouble begins when she does.

Yes. The man seated to her turns out to her boss in Panther Cola. An elusive entrepreneur Jack Harper. Embarrassed to the core, Emma tries to escape him but no avail. Jack is mighty amused by her confessions and they form an uneasy friendship.

I loved the plot and the way these two meet but I do have some pet peeves. The reason why Jack leaves Emma so suddenly in the middle of the date could have been explained better. I also noticed that Sophie always has a character that is close to the protagonist right from the childhood.  A stereotype that repeats in almost all her books.

I was not very happy with the climax. It seemed too melodramatic and forced. Nonetheless I have read and re-read this book many times, just for the laugh.

Some of the best comic moments of this book would be the first date that Jack takes Emma on, Emma and her flatmate raiding their other roommate’s closet to go to a celebrity restaurant, Emma’s parents meeting Jack for the first time.

I loved the last list of secrets that Jack confesses. So why do I love this book? It is because everybody has their share of small secrets that we disclose only to someone who is very close to us or to someone whom we might never meet again (or so we think).


About sumeethamanikandan

Sumeetha Manikandan, a freelance content writer is an English literature graduate with a journalism and mass communication diploma. She lives in Chennai with her husband and daughter. After a decade long career in dotcom industry, she started working as a content writer from home. She wrote her debut novel, ‘The Perfect Groom’ as a script for a serial, which she converted into a novella for Indireads.
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