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A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin

Be Warned! Spoilers ahead! God! I was expecting anything but this. Storm of Swords has more blood and gore than the other two books. And you might just end up feeling sorry for a character that you had loved to … Continue reading

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Yuganta – End of an Epoch by Iravati Karve

I read Yuganta when I was barely in my teens. To a large extent this book has influenced my perceptions about Mahabharata. Iravati Karve’s Yuganta – End of an Epoch is not a rehash of the epic. It is an … Continue reading

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The Prophecy of Trivine by Tnahsin Garg, Srivatsan Sridharan and Pulkit Gupta

First of all, I am amazed that three people could come together to write a novel. I seriously wonder how they managed it 🙂 There haven’t been many books written in science fiction genre by Indian authors. I found it … Continue reading

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Spotlight: Tuki’s Grand Salon Chase by Parul Sharma

  Tuki’s Grand Salon Chase by Parul Sharma The Blurb   AFor most hairstylists, the move from the dingy Lovely Beauty Parlour to the upmarket Nancy’s Factory would be reward enough. Gifted, young Tuki though has her sights set on … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones – A Clash of Kings (Book 2)

I admit I am hooked now. And the world needs to wait until I finish all the books in these series. A Clash of Kings begins dramatically just as the first book did. With Robb Stark declared as the King … Continue reading

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Grays Hill by Barbara T. Cerny

An out and out romance, Grays Hill by Barbara T. Cerny makes a pleasant read on a pleasant sunday. Lady Oksana’s father commits suicide after pledging every little item in their house. Penniless and destitute, Oksana is taken in by … Continue reading

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Done with Men by Shuchi Singh Kalra

First thing that struck me about this book was the title – ‘Done with Men’. It is brilliant and perfect. Kairavi (kay) is a travel journalist who is down in the dumps, thanks to her unfortunate choice of boyfriends. After dumping … Continue reading

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