The Lazarus Prophecy by F.G. Cottam

The Lazarus Prophesy

The Lazarus Prophesy

I picked up this book after reading a glowing review in Goodreads. With a fantastic medley mix of history, gothic, blood and gore, the author keeps us turning the page until the very end.

The Lazarus Prophecy

There is a killer on loose who savages women living alone and mutilates them in a manner that is reminiscent of Jack of Ripper. In France, a representative of the Pope is on his way to meet an old sect holed up in a monastery that historically pre-dates the templars. The monks of the sect are guarding a secret that could change the world.

My Review

Right from the first page, the author pulls the reader into the plot and holds us there until we have learned the mystery of the killer. Lone women, achievers, talented artists and accomplished personalities are being targeted by a savage killer who leaves no clues about himself at the crime scene. Detective Jane Sullivan is at her wit’s end and seeks the help of a priest to understand the arcane symbolism and the taunting words left by the killer.

I like the way Cottam brings in the enduring mystery of Jack the Ripper’s identity to play in this book and gives it a all-new dimension. The theory behind Lazarus’s resurrection is very interesting and is utilized beautifully in this crime novel. This is a riveting read that would keep you turning page after page until you know the truth about this ruthless killer. I like the way the author has balanced the supernatural elements with the elements of crime novel to give us something unputdownable.

The book also leaves us with a few questions that are largely unanswered and it would have been more interesting if the author had elaborated more about Lazarus and his resurrection by Christ as it leaves the readers with lingering questions.

Plus Points: Riveting plot with a medley mix of supernatural thrown in… interesting characters and mystery

Minus Points: It would have been great if the novel had revealed more about the origin of the sect and the subsequent Lazarus that they guard…

Verdict: Makes a great weekend read… Go for it.

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