The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian by Andy Weir

One of my resolutions (Goodreads Reading Challenge)  this year is to read 50 good Science Fiction books that I will review on my blog. I am glad that the year took off really well with a great book.

I love to watch science fiction and especially Space travel stuff but I have never read any space fiction books. I am glad that I started this genre with a very promising book – The Martian.

The Plot

A dust storm forces a  Manned space mission Ares 3 to abandon their mission in Mars and the team believes that they have lost their crew member Mart Watney. But Mark Watney is very much alive and alone in Mars and it would take around four years for the next mission from Earth to arrive. With odds stacked heavily against him, Mark Watney in a la Robinson Crusoe style attempts the impossible – trying to survive on a hostile planet with limited food and water.

The plot was intriguing right from the start. Mart Watney charms us with his wry wit and sarcasm and we are rooting for him right from the first page.

My Review

Alright so you are stuck in Mars with limited food and water which would eventually run out. So what will an average astronaut do to survive? The answer is obviously ‘jugaad’ and Mark watney is the king there.

He grows potatoes, makes water, finds an old satellite and a means to communicate with earth…. and uses duct tape as a solution for most things.

One of the things that stands out high in this book is the indomitable spirit of Mark Watney. If we could but have one fourth of his undying spirit and wit, then I am sure that we will conquer any adversity in our life (on earth).

The book is strung together with Watney’s log entries that tell us what he did right from day 1. From solving complex equations to growing potatoes Watney’s never gives up. He is a prolific problem solver and even during the worst of the crisis that he faces on the Red Planet, he never abandons hope or his humour. We have much to learn from Watney…

My Verdict: I love the dry wit and sarcasm that comes through Watney’s log entries. They make for a very entertaining read. Go for it… you won’t be disappointed!

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