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The Poisoned Crown (Les Rois Maudits #3)

The third in the series of Accursed Kings, The Poisoned Crown furthers story of the Capet kings who were cursed by the Grand Master of the Templars. With Philip the Fair dead, Louis X becomes the king. Weak and ineffectual, … Continue reading

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The Strangled Queen (Les Rois Maudits #2)

While the plot of the novel is pretty obvious, it still makes a very interesting read. King Philip IV is dead and France is in turmoil as the Grand Master of Templar’s curse seemed to work quite mysteriously. Louis, his … Continue reading

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The Iron King (Book #1 of the Accursed Kings) by Maurice Druon

Like many others, I started reading the Accursed Kings series after I got frustrated waiting for the Winds of Winter (Game of thrones). While George R.R. Martin’s foreword for these series in itself is a huge selling point I found the … Continue reading

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Outlander – Cross Stitch by Diana Gabaldon

This book came highly recommended by many bloggers, reviewers and readers. But whenever I read the blurb or the summary about a time traveling nurse and a Scottish warrior, I was kind of put off. I thought it would be yet … Continue reading

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The Governess and the Stalker by Mark Morey

Book Synopsis It is the first of June 1879 and twenty-year old former governess Michelle Blissett has just wed her master James Devine. Tragically James dies on their wedding night. Jesse West, recently discharged from the workhouse, is proud that … Continue reading

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Ajaya: Roll of Dice by Anand Neelkantan

Let me begin this review by congratulating Anand Neelkantan for attempting to give a voice to those who have been derided as evil, selfish and self-centered for centuries. Ajaya is the story of Duryodhana, the evil crown prince of Mahabharata. All … Continue reading

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Ponniyin Selvan Volume 1 – Puthu Vellam (New Floods)

Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki Krishnamurthy was written in early last century. And to this day, it remains the most popular classic book ever written in Tamil. And you can guess my level of obsession with it, when you know that … Continue reading

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