Get your book reviewed

Books have been my best friends ever since childhood. And till date, I continue to read across different genres and authors. Reviewing books is a fairly new activity that I have indulged in since last year.  As a reader, I normally go for the these genre; romance, historical romance, historical fiction, historical non-fiction, mythology, thrillers, chick lit etc.

So what sort of books find place in my book blog?

I do not review all the books that I read. (That would be difficult due to work commitments and time factor.) However I do review all the books that I have received directly from either the publisher or the author.

Why do I prefer Ebooks?

Ever since I got myself a handy kindle device, I have found it easy to read more number of books without worrying about cupboard space. If your book is available in ebook format, please send it across to for a review.

If you wish to get your book reviewed, do send me a mail along with the blurb or small write up about your book. There are certain genres that I do not review due to personal preference so do mention the genre clearly in your mail.


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